Expert level sentence challenge! Can you understand it?

Can you understand this sentence? Good luck!


For sure, I translated it in a rush so there might be a few errors.

His highness something something at yamanashi prefecture office, especially something something chestnut piece was prepared so something something something something something what? something something, 6:40 in the MORNING!? someone or something departed.


That’s about as far as I got. The sentence was written in the 1920s, so it’s written in a crazy-outdated style

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I’ve been looking at it for almost 10 minutes now, and nope, I don’t really get it.
Other stuff I can contribute:

Especially since a robust chestnut-haired pony had been prepared (I only know this meaning of 駒 thanks to the name of a place where I used to live).

草鞋をお穿きになった wore waraji (an old type of shoes, just google it)
お足拵えにも拘らせられず without neglecting preparations for a fast travel

So yeah, I don’t know what (or where) 古那屋 is, but that person sure got out of there early.

I can’t translate it yet, but it might be nice if you guys blurred spoilers, so people can try with a clear mind


Done :ok_hand:

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I’ve been puzzling over the sentence for a few days. I consulted a 古文辞典 for some ideas on re-interpreting the grammatical points that seemed to not fit anywhere and this is what I came up with:

The Yamanashi Prefectural Government had specially provisioned a sturdy chestnut steed for His Highness’ belongings, so he mounted it without making any fuss at all regarding his footwear (he had donned sandals) as he was considerate enough to not do without such goodwill, and so we departed Konaya at 6:30 a.m.

I’m not sure if I did the original justice, but at least it’s a functional sentence.


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