Experiences with practicing reading trough Italki?

I used Italki a while ago for speaking & listening. As my main focus is reading now, I’m planning on booking a lesson with a teacher - reading only. My plan is to send a list over with the Kanji I know through Wanikani to really practice reading them in real life context and to learn a few new ones on the way. :blush:

Do some of you have experience with using Wanikani and Italki combined for improving reading? How did it go? Any advice?

In my italki experience, I’ve read out loud and sometimes in silence (or both) w/ a teacher. Reading out loud is a coordination I find if the content is challenging, so while trying to keep concentration on a good pronunciation, the comprehension may get overlooked. I think it just takes a bit extra practice to get this better (or reading out loud more alone).

I find it’s a good practice to read out loud with a teacher though, otherwise there is a) zero accountability whether you are actually using the right readings when solo and a teacher will call you out pretty quickly (I’m sure we all cheat on a skim read) and b) you have a native asking the comprehension of the topic at hand along with grammar nuance (again, something that is otherwise difficult to do solo). Also, developing good pronunciation habits is part of the reason of having a tutor along with discussing about it in Japanese, kinda get several study methods at once. If you don’t advantage of these then it won’t be worth the price because just reading alone could be studied by itself pretty easily. Also a good teacher should be able to assess your level quickly so they can see what you need to work on, some may give homework assessments on kanji or something.

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