Existential burning

I’ve gotten far enough into Wanikani that I’ve been burning items, when I see burn items on my Ultimate Timeline I look at what level(s) the burns are for and it’s quite an existential feeling. For example, I unlocked and learned level 15 back in early April and now and burning items from that level tomorrow. It really doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. It’s not too existential of a feeling but being lvl 33, burning lvl 15 items, and only have been doing this for just under a year, it’s an interesting feeling to say the least. I’m also kinda wondering if anyone else is or has been existential when they look at their burn items.


I’m not using any scripts, so I can’t tell what level burn items are from, but I know the feeling. Every so often, I’ll burn an item and think… seems like I just learned that. It’s an interesting perspective.

On a completely different note, the font on my computer is tight, so the word “burn” looks like “bum” at first glance. Frequently, I find myself yelling at the screen “I’m not a bum, YOU ARE”, but then I remember that I’ve just burned another item, so it’s all good. I don’t think that existentialism, just having some fun at no one’s expense. Gotta make this interesting in any way I can.


The only existential crisis I have when I burn items is the spectre of death tapping on my shoulder, reminding me that I, too, shall burn someday. #HappySpooktober


I’m starting to get things come through now again that feel too high level be be burning at level 17, but then I remember that I sat on level 10 for seven months, haha.

I just checked back and the highest level that I’ve currently got burned items for is 8.


I can’t say I think much about single burns, but when I have bigger burns coming up, it’s more obviously they are all from a certain level and it really is like a postcard from the past, “was it that long ago I did these”/“how come time flies by so fast”-kinda feeling, as I realize how far I’ve come since then.

Also, looking at the WaniKani Timemachine yesterday did something similar.

After I got into the habit of burning items regularly, I sort of started ignoring it, but there it was, all turned into this neat graph portraying that journey of small victories - a steady rise of golden burns! ^>^


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