Exercising recall via production?

I complement my studies with an evergrowing anki deck and so far I set up my cards in a way to always use “type in the answer”, so I test myself on production but never on recall. I am aware that production is generally considered the more difficult side of it, but would production alone also improve recall? Did someone try that path? Of course I get some random recall practice by occurrences of the things in other places like WK or Genki or in Japanese wild life.

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What’s your definition of ‘recall’? All I can say is that for all the languages I’ve learnt, using the language (‘production’) always strengthened the ease with which I remembered the meanings of words and how they fit into sentences. In fact, I wouldn’t be as fluent as I am now in Japanese without frequently sending messages to my fluent friend. Also, fairly often, I will find myself wanting to say something in Japanese for which I know the English expression, but whose Japanese equivalent I take a while to find. I feel that such experiences strengthen the association in my mind between Japanese words and their meanings.