Excellent Timing reaching level 10

Just the night before flying off to Japan the next morning I finally made it to level 10. I have been frustrated not really getting there and it took my about 20 days (yes, new vocab is essential), but I made it. Now I can comfortably set it into holiday mode, enjoy the trip and soak up some kanji in its pure form.

just a silly “ganbare” for me


Ha, just when I felt slightly cocky I saw the “09” in the avatar - true, I finished level 9 and am now working on level 10. What a wonderful slap on ones ego. Just wondering what “memento mori” could mean in japanese. Hilarious

Well actually if you just happened to leveled up your form level happens to update with a little delay. If you don’t want to wait, you could log out and back in.

No, it is true - I have not finished 10 yet - I just finished level 9 but I was so fixated on closing this one, I just saw the 10. Fooled myself.


But you are level 10. You don’t have to “finish” the level. If you just log out and in it will definitely update.


but you still made it to lvl 10, that is still an achievement. And have fun on your trip!


It may be true that you have finished the material for 9 levels. So you could say you have finished 9 level I hear you. I meant if you have started working on 10th levels material your badge will show the level you are progressing on.

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Level 10

Either way, post photos of your trip. :smiley:


Lets see if I find a snow scupture of a crustacean or a turtle in Sapporo. Certainly will post


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