[Excel File] Wanikani Schedule

There are a few apps and websites which show the minimal time it takes to reach level 60. But can you even do that? At what times do you need to do lessons and reviews for that? And what would your optimal schedule look like?

I made a little Wanikani planner that I thought some people might find usefull. Unfortunately I don’t know how to do website stuff, but I know some excel. You will need to download the file from here (mediafire).
I use the German version of Excel, days should be in your language if you open the file. Some stuff is still a little crude as I don’t know if people are even interested in using it.

What does it do?
You plug in the following information (starting time, at which level you start / you currently are, etc.).

You then get a weekly schedule where you can see when you have to do your lessons and reviews.

An auburn timeslot means a lesson / review in the currently selected calendar week (CW, see picture above), green means there will be a lesson / review at some point.
A darker shade signifies lessons (and will always come together with reviews, which you need to be doing first), the lighter shades are reviews only.

Almost every level (except fast levels) will come with 2 lesson timeslots: One for Radicals (and Kanji), and one more for Kanji for the new radicals of this level.

  • For the schedule to work it is of course mandatory to do all Radical lessons as soon as you level up.
  • Do as many kanji as possible between the first and second lesson timeslot of a level.
  • Your Radicals will be “guru’ed” at the second lesson timeslot, at which point you need to do all the remaining Kanji lessons.

Naturally, this file assumes that you are remembering most of the items. Failing to remember too many items will of course delay your level up and screw up the timetable.

Below the weekly planner you find all the times for each review / lessen and each level.

Additionally, in a second sheet, you can block timeslots (for example for when you are sleeping and working). Just write something (or put an x in) if you want to block a timeslot.

This will generally result in a much more condensed (and more managable) schedule, though of course it will take longer to reach your goal.

Note, though, that each timeslot is completely blocked and will be fully ignored for all lessons and reviews.

Of course, many more reviews will be available at different times, as this planner only shows lessons and reviews up to guru status. In order to not be overwhelmed you need to do reviews as often as possible.

Any feedback is appreciated.