Example Sentences: USE KANJI WE'VE LEARNED

I don’t know whether UserScripts are your thing, but there is one which is called “WaniKani Example Sentences” that adds many sentences to each vocab word. Some of these sentences are really simple, some are more difficult. You can even switch between seeing all available sentences and seeing only those where you know all the kanji already. I think this nicely complements WaniKani’s crazy examples.

(You can find the script on GreasyFork, and you need to install some browser plugin for it to work in your browser. Google will help you there.)

Is this what you’re referring to?

If so, I would not recommend installing it. It says the sentences come from Tatoeba, so as far as I’m concerned they’re not worth your time. As many complaints as we get about the WK example sentences, at least we know where they come from. They’re written by native Japanese speakers and checked by the staff. The same can’t be said for anything on Tatoeba.

Hm, I see. Thanks for the insight!
(I checked the code of the script to see whether the sentences are coming from Tatoeba, but they are fetched from the script author’s own site, so did not realize…)

So I reverse my advice (but I’ll leave the post in the thread so that others can see this as well).

Much like EDICT, 95% of the “Free Apps” and other kinds of things out there will use Tatoeba.

People getting off-topic!

  1. The wise Kouichi himself recommends that it’s best to use WK first before diving deep into other resources, such as textbooks.

  2. The example sentences are important to understanding the use of the word in context.

We are missing a good learning opportunity! Sentences that have kanji not yet learned (e.g. level 30+ kanji in a level 20 sentence) yield less of a benefit to the average WK user.

Not asking for a bunch of additional sentences at different difficulty levels for every vocab word. Defeats the purpose of a streamlined kanji learning system!

Love WK, and would love to see sentences with kanji we’ve actually learned.


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