Example sentences for 昇給?

I googled around and couldn’t find one. The example sentence on WaniKani is too complex for me to comprehend, with a lot of kanji I haven’t encountered yet.

A phrase that I came across a lot in my googling was 昇給をお願い出た。Is the ”出た” here considered the polite form, or can you change it to 出ました?

I also have a secondary question: where do you find example sentences for words? I usually refer to jisho or nihongo master, but this time around I couldn’t find any examples that I could use for 昇給. Are there other, possibly better, resources for example sentences?

Thanks in advance!

Monolingual dictionaries usually have at least one example sentence.

Here’s one from weblio

Without an increase in performance, (someone) won’t get a raise at all.

It’s a sentence with no context, so it could be “I” or “you” or any other person, but it’s not super important.

願い出る is a verb that means “to apply for.” It’s in the plain form in the sentence you mentioned, so it would need to be have ます added to make it polite.


Thank you very much! I’ll bookmark this website for next time.

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