Example sentence for 手伝う

Maybe this has been brought up before, but…

As entertaining as this example sentence is, it doesn’t have 手伝う in it at all haha. Am I the only one reading all of these? Anyways probably should be changed; maybe it was meant to be in the set for 暗殺 which I suspect will be on this level.

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They added additional example sentences for each word in the 11-20 level range just a couple months ago. So if there are mistakes, I would say just email them about it. They are usually very quick about correcting little things like that (though it’s the weekend now, so it might take a few days)


Okay, I wondered how it went unnoticed at level 13 but if they just added a bunch that would explain it. I’ve never emailed support before, this is exciting :slight_smile:


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