Exact meaning is irrelevant

After reset back from 30+, I switched to anki mode on Flaming Durtles for meanings so I can just check them right or wrong and it has helped me immensely as I’m not a native english speaker and i believe it is enough to get rough meaning right (who cares if facing is not same thing as direction, right?).

Also things don’t translate 1:1 anyway with japanese, and typing stuff for meanings only reinforced that incorrect idea.

For immersion purposes, this also minimizes my time spent outside target language when doing reviews, helping with retention I believe, as I’m starting to remember kanjis based on japanese vocab they are associated with instead of english name it has been given.

Monolingual wanikani would be great option some day too, like option you have with Japanese Level Up Intermediate and up decks.


After two months and 6 levels of WK with meaning as anki mode on Flaming Durtles, I must say my reading retention has improved immensely, because I dont spend time trying to memorize two readings (japanese and English readings) for each card. Also I spend less than half time on my reviews as a consequence.

Now, when I see the card, my brain recites the japanese reading immediately and then I try to recall the concept of word for meaning. I’ve rearranged the cards so that reading always comes before meaning so my brain has some time to start fetching it before it appears as meaning card.


Time for another update!

I really like this method as my brain is now organizing vocab like this

Kanji(s) → reading → meaning

It used to be like this

Kanjis → meanings of kanjis > meaning of word → guess the reading based on combination of readings

So my reading retention has gone through the roof with this and I’m not even really worrying if I get some meaning here and there slightly incorrect as english meaning doesn’t carry the context through anyway and you need to learn the use of work organically anyway.

Now if I’d only have time to do more than one level per 4 weeks…

Some example:

消化 → "え?消すってけど。。あ!これわ「しょうか」だろう。まあ、意味はなんか体内のことです。あ “Digestion” かも!


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