Everything's going wrong and I have no idea how to fix it (hitechbunny scripts dying)

I don’t know why or how, but my scripts are acting really weird. Two main things I’ve noticed are things like my SRS level scripts which breaks down the amount of each type in more detail has spotted updating, as has my dashboard level breakdown thing. They both just don’t show me having changed anything beyond a certain point. What’s even weirder is a dead uninstalled script is leaching off of them. I got an appstore script a while a go which I uninstalled when it got unsupported, it’s still there though and only appears when I enable some scripts like the dashboard level breakdown thing. It’s kinda weird about it so I can’t pinpoint why or when it’s there, but it is most of the time.

I have no idea why the scripts, or at least some of them, seem frozen in time. My only guess is it happened when I got bitdefender because it LITERALLY BLOCKED THE INTERNET. NEVER GET IT because it’s super limited and won’t let you use chrome in any way. It made the scripts act weird but when I got rid of it and get a different one they went back to normal. Even if I turn off antivirus now it still won’t fix. I’m even thinking the scripts are broken entirely because the SRS level one I had to at some point go in and fix something, but when reinstalling and that being changed back I saw no difference. I don’t remember what the problem was but if it’s showing identical regardless of its there or not it’s making me thing these things are locked in time no matter how I screw with them. I can turn them off in TamperMonkey but they return the same way.

Please help. This is really annoying and I have absolutely no idea what’s going on with it. Thanks.

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A few scripts were maintained by a user who doesn’t seem to be around any more. I’ve been updating one of them (leech trainer) but others are probably broken as well. If it’s a script by @hitechbunny then it’s possibly just behind the times with the WK API.

So they’ve broken because the API has changed and it doesn’t work with it anymore? Not sure why it’d still show the old info but I can see it being possible. What really confuses me though is why the appstore script would leach off it.

Pretty much, yeah. The server-side component is pointing at an old URL. If you’re technically minded, this is all it took.

The app store was also written by him, so it’s also going to start erroring.

I’m currently stripping the server side component down to just what’s needed for the leech script, but I could leave behind the SRS parts as well. Mostly I just want to take out a bunch because it’s Go and I don’t understand it, so I can start refactoring it from there.

Ok, I’ll try fix the code. I do plenty of coding myself but don’t touch web development so I should be able to follow along well enough, just not do my own fixes. The level script I was talking about is WaniKani Dashboard Level Progress Detail by the way, which I looked and it turns out yes it’s from him. Good to know it’s not something on my end but at the same time it sucks to see these scripts I use so much die, especially because of how competent they were.

Gimme 5 mins and I’ll add an updated version to Greasyfork as I think I’m using that one, too.#

edit Ah, crap. That one relies on a library script that’ll also need updating. Sorry, won’t be happening this evening!

We’ve discussed this a bit already here :

But nothing’s changed with the V1 API, right? Pretty sure it’s just Hitech’s backend that’s not doing what it should.

Not as far as I know, but the server his scripts rely on is attempting to use the v2 API at a URL that doesn’t exist any more so everything fails.

So for the update stuff you linked do I just manually copy it over or is there a way to link it so if you change it it updates?

If you’re familiar with github you can fork the repository I’m using and track changes that way.

Ye I’ve never used or properly seen github before. Something I’ve been told I should do but never looked into.

If you’re just making changes to the userscripts then swap out the existing URL in those (wanikanitools-golang.curiousattemptbunny.com) for https://wk-stats.herokuapp.com

Is that just for the leeches page?

It’s the whole API he was running, as far as I know, unless he had code deployed that he hadn’t committed to github.

Ok I have literally no idea what I’m doing with github and I’ve got a headache. Can I contact you on Discord or something to go through it with you? I just want to get this thing sorted.

No idea what discord is, I’m afraid. If you need level breakdown I’ve updated that script so hopefully that one’ll work for you: Shin WaniKani SRS Level Progress

Happy to help out in here if you want.

Ok, thanks that worked. That has the problem of transparent backgrounds though which can be fixed by changing id=“… to class=”… in an else command. I don’t remember where though. I can try find it for you if you want.

Ah cool. I’ll see what I can do about that, but I know others are working on replacements for some of the scripts. Mostly, I just want my leech trainer back.

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Found it and it works. Change review_html += '<tr id=" to review_html += '<tr class=" on line 238