Ever get tilted?

I don’t get mad at WK if I miss a lot of answers (unless it’s because of typos or synonyms it doesn’t recognize). Generally when I’m struggling that much I either just leave it for a while since I’m obviously not in the right headspace, or else push through and just accept the misses, knowing that even if it’s because I’m tired or preoccupied or whatever, if I can’t recall the items, I probably need more practice anyway.

It’s not so much accuracy, as I’ve never worried about that.

It’s the feeling of compounding mistakes piling up and frustration, and the kicker is, it might not even be true. You could be at really high accuracy for the session but it just feels like a grind.

I’m sure not everyone experiences it, but for me, I’ve been able to identify the feeling and learned from experience that when I get that feeling, it’s not going to feel like a productive session, mentally at least.

I’ll go back to the same review session after a 15m break and it will feel much better.


Nice! Glad it worked out.

U mad, bro?!?!?!?!!?!? /jk

Add another voice in for the experience of getting tilted because I got a silly little kanji wrong. Extra points when I get tilted b/c I’m typing too fast and the kana don’t come out right. :frowning:

I close the tab and walk away. And maybe the turtles will *conveniently forget* some of the answers I got wrong when I come back :slight_smile:

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You know there’s a script that lets you retype your answer if you mess up. Just don’t abuse it.

Yes, but then what would I complain about???

At least for me, this is not a frequent occurrence. And I think the first comment had it right, the best option is to step away for a moment. What I found interesting, is that tilted is the perfect word for it. It matches the feeling I get when I get frustrated with a game and start making a chain of bad decisions. Maybe because a system like Wanikani is fairly “gameified”.

Scripts are great, but personally, I haven’t felt like spending the time/decision effort to set any up.

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typos are the worst, I do WK on my phone and I go too quickly and make little mistakes. glad the 英語 portion has some room for error at least :upside_down_face:

I realized that with every extra thought my performance drops significantly. So now I am trying to be able to avoid thinking altogether with meditation :joy:
It works amazingly well. I also experimented with sound, and in order to do reviews in alpha state listening to certain music also helps.
Coffeine is not good btw in my experience.
And interestingly being tired is better than fully awake.

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I returned just recently and spent two days of work clearing 450 items left waiting by past me in 2017. I did get tilted a couple times but besides breaks you do learn to use it to your advantage. As in, you remember the items that caused the tilt.

There are some kanjis i see that i learned on wanikani and still to this day get a faint memory of wanting to eat the keycaps of my keyboard. Mostly related to why i left back then: Some items are ruthless even for decent second/third language english speakers.

Stand up, walk around, drink a glass of water, sigh and boil the crab - don’t worry, we aren’t all sages either.

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