Ever get tilted?

I made several mistakes upon starting my reviews, and quickly got tilted, rushing into more mistakes, not really thinking about my answers. After slowing down a little, I was able to get back on track, but was a pretty horrible performance overall.

I gotta remember not to get mad, because we can only really ever know what we know. No point getting worked up over being wrong about something, 'cause that’s all part of the process.

Anyone else ever get tripped up by this? Any tips for general accuracy/not getting tilted?


Can’t say I’ve ever been tilted by wanikani mistakes. But the general advice for tilting in games is to just take a break. Maybe after n consecutive wrong answers, you could just close the website, do something else and come back in an hour or so?


I can’t say I get what you’re saying. Some days you’re less focused, so you make more mistakes. Other days you ace it. It’s both just a matter of mental focus and whether the items in a session happens to be difficult leeches or items you’re finding easy to remember. I don’t think there is such a thing as one mistake creating more. That’s a false causality.


We’re not talking false causalities, seeing as I was just rushing headlong into answers without thinking them through. I’d then lament that I hadn’t thought for a moment longer as the correct answer came into my head seconds after hitting return. That’s what caused me to slow down and take it easy for the rest of the session, with far fewer mistakes.

It was probably just a surplus of stress seeing as I did my reviews on the way home from a long day of work, probs should hold off til home in the future haha :smile:


Aye, good advice. :smiley:

I’ve actually stopped a review session in middle when I felt like that. Even just taking 15m and coming back to it helped tremendously.


I suggest you check up on the “frustration barrier.” You could find some useful advice about how we learn things. We get frustrated because we are trying to learn how to do something new. If you can push through that phase, you can really start enjoying your lessons and reviews.

I like to use an extension called the WaniKani highlighter, that shows all the kanji you know in blue, and see how much I’m able to read and remember from the reviews.


Did you use the extension recently? I have tried this one but I am getting an “Invalid API” error no matter of the API that I input…Or am I the only one having the issue?
WaniKani highlighter:

Just checked it now and I’m having no issues. But I am using it on Firefox.

Did you generate and load your api token from your profile? It sounds like you need to sync that up first.

Why would I get mad? I choose to do the reviews. If I fail one or two, it’s on me. They will come back into reviews shortly then I will get them right.

Double, double check that you’re selecting the key, the whole key and nothing but the key.*

  • That said, I once had trouble with an extension that only worked if I copied and pasted an extra space at the end, too, which was hilarious once I’d figured it out.

Didn’t know it was an issue for someone. But I know how to cheat on WK :grin:. Without any extensions and whatnot.

I’ve had some pretty poor review sessions for a variety of reasons (too tired, stressed, not enough time, ect.). It’s likely these days/sessions will occur since you will be using WK for at least a year. I’d say don’t sweat it, come back next session in a better mindset.

If you’re beating yourself up over it that will only hurt you in the long run, just enjoy the process.

Well, I was going to silently sympathise with you when I read your post, but no one else in this topic seems to have experienced this-- so I’ll vocally sympathise with you: I get what you mean entirely and hate it when that happens!

Stopping and coming back to reviews later helps; taking a breath and trying to adjust your mindset helps; not putting your session under any kind of time constraint helps! You seem to know all this, so just keep in mind when this happens. 頑張ってね!

(Also, the rest of you are a little like aliens to me right now :upside_down_face: None of you get frustrated or dispirited by mistakes ever? Like not ever in life?)


Frustration and anger rarely help, I just try to step away for a moment when that happens. But I’m not perfect either. If you get that during reviews, it’s way more helpful to take a break for 20 min or so and then return to it. Your head will be much clearer.

I just encountered this topic. It can be a little annoying, but somehow WK feels different than elsewhere. It feels like it doesn’t matter so much if you get a 40% on a review session – they’ll just come up again & it will go better…


People are taking accuracy too seriously, as long as you can manage the reviews daily you’ll get there eventually. Being wrong is arguably better than being right, why? Because if you are wrong you consider why you are wrong and learn from it, if you are right, you don’t think much of why, you just move to another review.

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Or you don’t and get a leech like 証明

No one.

Not a single soul.

Wanikani users after making a wrong answer:


I have managed to make it work but by installing a different extension: WaniKani Kanji Highlighter - Chrome Web Store. This one works like a charm.