Eventually goggled tater tots

I get that the wonderful people who created this platform speak American English and usually remember to use the American version of the word when required (and just sob quietly when I forget)

Today I googled tater tots , due to my laziness it is not even the first time it has been presented in a mnemonic

tater croquettes is what I would call them (well I would probably call them potato croquettes but that does not work the the mnemonic :slight_smile:

I’m guessing this is several layers more crazy for you multi lingual peeps, hats off to you!



I totally get that tater tots are a “what…is that” thing for people out of the US (including me) and I just know this because of that episode in Friends where Joey asked for Tater Tots or else it won’t be “Thanksgiving-y” :laughing:

Also, that absolutely works for your mnemonic :grin: but I just wanna make sure I’m not missing out on some food knowledge: potato croquettes are mashed potatoes then breaded and fried…while I think tater tots are shredded potatoes that are shaped then fried? Or do you have croquettes in your country where you do this (which I would love to know about by the way!!)? :smile:

So I think they’re closer to 'tato latkes :thinking: but…y’know. Tot-shaped.

Hold on.

What’s a “Tot”…


a tot is a child.

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Tater tots are actually made from children confirmed :frowning: (this reminded me of a certain anime)




I bow to your superior knowledge of things to do with potatoes, you are spot on with your description of croquettes :upside_down_face:

I’ve also seen them called “Potato Gems” on the interwebz. The blog I saw it on was run by an Aussie, but it could be used in other dialects as well (but definitely not American English)


Yup, that’s what I know them as lol (Aussie here). I had to keep googling tater tots until it finally stuck in my head several mnemonics later

Ah, I just realized we also have a form of tater tots in my country, but can’t remember whether they have a specific name. Probably something akin to potato croquettes. They’re pretty good when done with seasoning or some extras inside!

Hash browns anyone? And now I want a fry up


Tots or GTFO

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For an entire podcast episode on the history & more of tater tots, google ‘savor podcast tater tots’
Hopefully this link to the episode works: The Chaotic Tater Tot Episode - Savor | iHeartRadio Episode description: “These beloved, nostalgic shredded potato nuggets started simply as a way to save french fry scraps from going to waste. Anney and Lauren explore the science, history, and culture of tots.”
Past episodes cover most foods you can think of, including baked beans, blueberries, empanadas, cocktails, candies & fictional foods like butterbeer.


I think you mean tater tots are children of potatoes.


We need an “all wanikani mnemonics with food items in them” list

Honestly had a hard time with these mnemonics because I had never heard of tater tots in my life before wanikani. It didn’t stick for many months because there’s no memory anchored to this food in my mind but one day it just clicked and now it’s okay-ish when I have tater tots mnemonics.
Had the same problem with kooties btw

Tamots :sparkles::tomato::sparkles:

As a non-native English speaker, I have to usually google a lot of the words, but hey, I’¡m not only learning Japanese but also broadening my English vocabulary, 2 for 1!!! :rofl:
It is true it sometimes makes it harder to remember, but others it might even make it easier if it kind of strikes me.


You know, what they say, tomato, tamotsu


Tater tots are bite-sized. Croquettes generally are not.