Even workload without scripts?

I have, and I think it is a great resource, but not for me. I’m currently getting my recall practice in by writing and speaking.

Edit: BUT thank you very much for the suggestion. Here I am going on about how I’m going crazy, but really it’s that I want to learn new things quicker. I want to read my stack of Japanese books faster! stares hungrily at books

The “evenness” of the program is up to you if you have a lot of background in Japanese. I still have that terrible level of “nothing to do until huge burst of reviews” because I always clear my lessons/reviews in one go, resulting in majority of my vocab pool stuck in the exact same window of SRS intervals (except the victims of my script-less typos T>T). If you intentionally segment your lessons and reviews or start getting more wrong (especially when you get to the Master level and start dropping to Guru again), you’ll have more to do. The workload gets more extreme as you go (for reference, I went from 25 to 143 apprentice items immediately when I leveled up).

The leech script is cool if you’re in the mood to study but there are no reviews. It doesn’t use the mnemonics it just drills your leeches over and over again. I think it’s cool because with these certain items it’s clear that mnemonics weren’t working so the only option is to drive them into your brain with a big repetition hammer.

There’s also a script that turns all onyomi into katakana. This is a definite improvement. Katakana takes a little longer to memorize because it’s not used as much as hiragana but this script means you’ll see it all the time. Plus it’s a nice visual style method to distinguish between Japanese and Chinese (foreign) readings.

You could also come up with your own mnemonic to help you remember it better…

Yeah I do that with every item where the original doesn’t work for me but sometimes I just can’t think of one that works…

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