Even a lazy bum can reach level 60 too!

To Wanikani Team and this awesome community, THANK YOU SO MUCH!:sob::two_hearts:


I was thinking of just making a one-sentence level 60 post 'cause I was too lazy to write, but maybe someone out there might get something out of this so… (this is Japanese in general)

Short Background:
I started studying Japanese last year around April (so yea, it’s been one year already, YEY!!). I did not start from scratch, though. I’ve been watching anime, listening to Japanese songs and following Japanese artists, so I’m kinda expose to the language.

I guess I’m not your ordinary learner. I don’t use textbooks for studying. I use TWITTER!! Yes :joy: I manually parse a tweet, look up everything on the net until I understand it. Such a tough work, right? BUT I WANT TO UNDERSTAND MY 推し!

Evolution of My Study Method:
Over time, my “study method” has evolved…
It’s really so simple and I don’t follow a scheduled plan tho, I only do it when I feel like it (I noticed that if I force myself, nothing will stick to my brain…so why force myself? #lazy :joy::joy:)

Follow your own pace. Not other’s pace, but yours!


I tried reading the likes of 人間失格, but it’s so hard at that time (i think i was in level 20+)

Currently, I’m following SPYxFAMILY manga.
1st read: I read without looking up unknown words. I can understand 90% of the whole chapter (i was lvl 40ish)
2nd read: I read the english version.
3rd read: This time, I look up the words that I don’t know and grammar points, and even try to translate the manga on my own. (I do this while waiting for a new update! Update is so slooooow!)

It’s for fun. Choose something that you’d enjoy!

I want to read a novel, but I don’t know what to pick at my current level. Pls recommend a good book. Genre: Mystery, Suspense/Thrill, Detective, Psychological


Not handwrite, but crafting a good prose.
I get an english paragraph, translate to Japanese, and have it corrected by natives.


I get a video/audio and transcribe it. I’d make sure the video/audio has a Japanese subtitles (transcript) so I could check whether what I’ve transcribed is correct or not. I’ll repeat the same video the next day or when I feel like it, and transcribe it again to see if i made a progress.


I speak with my dog. :joy: I don’t really have the confidence to talk in a voice chat or whatsoever, so that’s something I need to work on. My confidence, not my speaking skill :sweat_smile:

Other than those above, what I constantly do is read tweets of my 推し and listen to their songs and streams. I think these really helped me a lot!

Burn-out? What is that? Never tried that.

Don’t force yourself. Do things you enjoy while learning.

The Holy Grail to Reaching Level 60:

What You Really Need to Possess:

Shameless Plug:
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If a person as lazy as me can do it, well, you can do it, too!:muscle:

Ques: How many times did I use “lazy”?



Congratulations on reaching Level 60! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


What are you planning to do next?


Congratz! Love reading about alternate study approaches. I’d imagine it’s very hard to pick up context from short messages like twitter.
Time for cake!



Congratulations, lazy person! :partying_face: :cake:


an inspiration to all lazy bums on this forum. thank you.


Big congrats のんびりさん!!!

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Congrats! ^>^ :partying_face: :fireworks: :confetti_ball:

Plz have some lazy cake to celebrate! :wink:


This also reminds me of a transcriptions project I once started but never finished. Transcription takes a ton of work, even in your native tongue. I wouldn’t recommend it as a listening practice thing as it’s just too time-consuming (you’ll get better results from quantity listening, not nitpicking, quality listening like during transcription).

That said, it is helpful for getting a feel for some dialectal stuff I feel. :thinking: I learnt tons doing it for sure. But, as for listening practice it’s overkill and what was more important was just the sheer quantity of drama CD, movies and anime I’ve consumed in Japanese.

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0-60 in under a year is not my definition of lazy! Congrats :slight_smile:


Congrats! I’m super impressed you managed this feat within a year. You were efficient :smiley:

For novel recommendations, I don’t have anything in the genre you listed, but I will share with you those I’ve been reading and enjoying:
私の推しは悪役令嬢 : A humorous isekai romance where a masochist teases her bully. Wholesome despite the premise. Has an English translation
フシノカミ : This is a more personal read for me since the manga is illustrated by a friend of mine (manga is here). A charming story about chasing one’s dreams.

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ah, i only transcribe videos that are less than a minute :rofl: yea, maybe it’s time-consuming but it actually helped me acquire new words and recognized those that i’ve heard before. so the next time i’d hear them, it’s like a eureka moment. :joy:

i won’t disagree with quantity listening 'cause that’s what i’m also doing (for fun😆): consuming Japanese materials, be it a song, movie, anime or stream. just listening/watching without subs['cause unfortunely, let’s no subs available huhu (esp during streams)] even if i don’t understand a thing. (i guess i forgot to mention that above🤔)

anyway, thanks for sharing your exp.

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Hmmm, sounds interesting.
I’ll check it out. Btw, is this a light novel? Thank you!

i’m lazy but i have goals
that probably explains it :joy:

Thank you!

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I am also lazy

just do lessons and reviews and that’s it. Maybe I start bunpro around level 20 to get more sentences meaning,

for example that でしょう you wrote I wouldnt know the meaning correctly, I always thought it was translated to “, right?” in the end of sentences, but you didnt use it like that in your translation.

This might help. Try reading this (the usage of でしょう in my sentence is explained at the end part of the article)

It is. I’ve found the web novel sufficient, though if you prefer paperback you could definitely find one.

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Congratulations!!! Also, I think you might be the non-laziest laziest person out there if you completed WK in a year, lol

What cake is that? It looks super good!!! I want that when I reach level 60 :drooling_face:


Here’s a recipe for you! :wink:


Congrats :partying_face:

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