EtoEto is not available yet?


I’ve just recently started with wanikani and plan to stick here for a long time. Meanwhile I’ve got some question. I suppose it might be already answered, but I was not successful at finding the info.
The guide and FAQ both recommend the EtoEto textbook for starting with grammar, but when I go through the link, I only see the ‘coming soon’ banner and registration button for alpha testers.
Is it not open yet? Why does wanikani recommend it then?
Could anybody please give me just a small hint, where to start with grammar? I suppose I could start working on that while waiting hours for review on wanikani :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance and sorry if my question is not appropriate or is in wrong place.

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It’s not available yet - I think it’s been delayed/revamped so maybe Tofugu expected it to be ready sooner when they gave the link. For grammar, some good resources are:

Genki textbook

Tae Kim’s Guide

A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar

Hope that helps!

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Don’t except EtoEto anytime soon…


If you’re just starting out, EtoEto isn’t worth it anyway, there’s not really that much content in the beginner section and it’s not particularly great content imo. I’m sure other people will have textbook suggestions but I like Genki, Tae Kim’s Guide and Japanese the Manga Way


Thank you all, guys! Will try with those suggested then! \o/
Have a nice davening!

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