Error with the level 2, i think


i have some words of vocabulary of level 2 that are locked although i’m level 3.

For example : 五日 is still locked but i already unlocked the both kanji 五 and 日 still the word doesn’t seems to be unlocking with time. Why ?

Are both kanjis at guru level? They both need to be elevated to guru before the vocab will unlock.


You only need to guru the radicals and 90% of the kanji to move to the next level, which could explain why you are level 3 yet don’t have some level 2 vocab unlocked yet.

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Well, both of them are at guru level.

五 is 86 % completed
日 is 100 % completed

But i don’t think you have both of them to be 100 % for unlocking 五日 ?

idk where you’re getting these percentages exactly (those are % correct maybe?) but my guess is that you need to see ‘五’ more times before it’s Guru. It takes 4 correct reviews to get an item to guru in one go. If you get it wrong it will drop two steps back. If you go to the item page it will say the item level to the right of “Your progression” with the little picture above it.

A bit off topic, but you see it here when you click on the item:

The percentage complete is only your percentage of times you have gotten it correct based on how many times you have reviewed it so it isn’t a status indicator of whether the kanji is at guru level or not.

If you have questions about the srs stages here is an excerpt from the wanikani faq
Wanikani’s SRS Stages
In order to unlock vocabulary, both kanji need to be at the guru level. You will need to get them correct that corresponding number of times for it to advance. You can go to the kanji’s page to see what level it is currently at, but here is also another section of the faq about how to unlock vocabulary.
Unlocking Vocabulary Lessons

So in the image @MeowMashiro posted above, see to the right of where it says your progression, that kanji is at the enlightened stage for them, provided both of those kanji state guru there, it would be a bug, but if one or both of them still say apprentice, that vocabulary would not unlock for you until they both got to that guru level.

It is a very helpful guide I would recommend a read through if you have any other questions! Hope that helped!

I just saw my mistake.

What i was referring was the radical, not the kanji. Well, it seems the kanji 五 isn’t at guru level yet. My bad ! :smiley:


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