Error with Big voice

While reviewing this morning I got on a roll and put in “low voice” for the meaning to “big voice” it was marked right. While I know we get a bit of leeway for “one off” thats a bit more than “one off” as they mean two polar opposites, both may need to be checked to ensure that they are marking the opposite wrong

Yeah I got one right last night that I totally mistyped. It was also a three letter word that attached to a noun, but I forget which vocab word it was.

WK’s mistype checker thing works in that if it had to make 3 changes, whether it be adding a letter, deleting a letter, or changing a letter, it will count it wrong. you technically only had to change 3 letters, so it counted it correct.

Yeah I understand how its happening. the problem here is Low voice and loud(big) voice are 2 opposing things.
おおぎえ (大声) Large Voice or big/loud voice
こごえ (小声)low voice, or whisper

So having Low voice work for large voice is bad due to the meanings being the opposite. In this case, I think they need to , if possible have it NOT accept the opposite

There’s a user script that does this for you. I think it’s called close no cigar or something. Check the user script list.

I think I’ll swoop in and @anon20839864 and @Viet to add this to the list of things that need updating, if it’s not already in the pipeline.

Things that are polar opposites should have extra blocks written into the code, instead of only relying on the % of the meaning typo algorithm.

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While I’m not a Code Monkey The operating thought for me was since they are polar opposites they should be strict to that. Big and Low, are both going to fall well within the algorithm due to the low character count, if I have my head wrapped around it right

There are other things like this - not many, but a few. Transitive / Intransitive is one that comes instantly to mind.

I don’t think low voice should be it’s definition anyway. A low voice is like a deep voice, with the low referring to the octave. I’ve never heard low voice used any other way, unless this is a British thing?

Holy necro tho

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If you search, it’s used both ways. I don’t see an issue. “Lower your voice” is also common and doesn’t mean to start talking like Darth Vader.

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I was looking at the comments for my vocab lol.

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