Error when attempting to load new lesson in Desktop Vs

Good morning everyone here in the forums,

Longtime user here but have never browsed the forum’s recently, so appologies if this error has already been discussed. I am an ALT in Japan who has been using the recent down time to practice my Kanji at work. Recently, I left the browser open and my laptop in sleep mode during one of my lessons. Went home and open my laptop at home and proceeded to finish the lessons. Next day, when new lessons showed up after a review session I begain seeing the following error. It will recognize that there are new lessons but will not proceed past the quiz is need page.

error 2

If I click need more time radio button I see error 2 and there is a button that the cursor will recognize that will take it to the proceeding page stating that new lessons are active.


I’ve had this exact same issue happen to me a few minutes ago. Perhaps it’s a website-wide error occurring right now. The lessons load just fine on the mobile apps such as Tsurukame, so I would suggest you use that till it gets fixed!

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Thank you! I was going mad thinking that I could fix this myself and couldn’t. Figured I had done something on accident. Whew! How is Tsurukame BTW? I usually use Wanikani mobile and I have been able to see my lessons on there. Thanks again!


I really like Tsurukame! I was using WaniKani mobile beforehand, but I find the interface on Tsurukame more intuitive. It’s also nice to see the “countdown till next level” when I access the app. It can be really motivating when I’m feeling like giving up.

Oh we have the same name. I’m Zain, nice to meet you.

But yeah, big suggest on the Tsurukame front from me!


Thank you for the recomendation Zain, it’s nice to meet you too! Glad to meet a fellow Zain/Zane. It’s a small world! :slight_smile:

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