Enhance interaction of buttons

Currently, the five buttons below are building from using the span tag. It makes some painful to me.

  1. I can not easily move around things by pressing the Tab key.
  2. Default the Span element is not the interactive UI component. Therefore, browser extensions such as Vim key binding can not create the key mapping shortcut.

It would be better if you guys can use the a tag instead of the span.

The image as bellow I changed to use a tag with Vim key binding support.


Using an a tag for non-links seems odd to me. I wonder why the vim extension relies on that. Would button or input type="button" do the trick too?


@seanblue Vim extension relies on interactive tags such as a, button, input, select, textarea. Also, it makes odd people like me can easily interact with elements on the page without using the mouse.

Would button or input type="button" do the trick too?

Sure, it does. However, usually, the input tag requires more CSS update than just switching to a tag

I would suggest using button. It’s not difficult to remove the default styling.


These elements already have button shortcuts afaik. F for item info etc…

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Even from a purely accessibility point of view, switching to buttons makes sense.
There are tools that rely on sensible designs to make navigation if you’re blind or disabled easier.

F for respects?

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