English Youth Literature Translated to Japanese

Hello everyone!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been cataloging beginner’s reading material at different levels for future reading or purchasing. While searching through a shopping site I learned that the Magic Tree House series, which I read as a kid, was translated into Japanese (and even had a movie!).

Since then, I’ve been wondering what other English youth literature has been translated into Japanese. I’m aware that Goosebumps, Harry Potter, and Animorphs have translations, but imagine there are more out there.


Did someone say Harry Potter?

But yeah, I’ve no doubt there’s many English books translated into Japanese. For example, the Deltora Quest series, by Australian author Emily Rodda, even became an anime. I can’t seem to get Google to give me any sort of list, though…


Good question! I can see Garth Nix has been translated. I read the abhorsen series many times as a teenager.

I wonder if there’s any terry pratchett or as the answer to many WK, any douglas adams

There’s a manga adaption of Carry on Jeeves, I think I have to try that out. (Very disappointed to see in the manga he’s called a butler, he would be horrified to be called that)

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