Encountering the vocabulary and kanji in the wild

Ive noticed in the recent levels that the kanji and vocabulary I learn in Wanikani takes me sometime to identify on signs or if im reading but if I’m doung the reviews its easier to remember. How can I overcome that?

The reason for this is likely because you get used to the way WK is displaying it to you and that’s how you’re remembering the vocab/kanji. Honestly the best way to overcome this is to keep reading, the more you encounter them while reading the more it will stick.



As with any vocabulary/kanji/grammar structure, the single best way to get used to seeing it is to read a ton, and to keep encountering it in the wild. You may have learnt the stuff, but you need to get used to seeing it actually used in a context.

This is the same thing that happens if you meet someone in a school/office setting, and get used to seeing them in their office/school outfits. Then, if you bump into them on the street for the first time, it can take a few seconds to recognize them.

How do you overcome that effect? Bump into them on the street more often :wink: (aka yes, keep reading).


Have you seen the font randomizer? You can get a bit more surprising variety with it.


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