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Thank you so much! The feelings are definitely mutual! :heart: What you describe is so precious! I hope I can live up to that! At the same time, just be YOU! As I hope it’s alright that I’m just ME! <3

In any case let’s make the POLLthreads a great place for anyone to be in and make everyone welcome! ^>^ That is my hope as well. To get more people feel that is “their” place to hang out! ^^



Yes. I will ekg san :slight_smile:

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Time to do a bit of revising of my Goals for the end of the Year… :eyes:

Aha! So that’s what I was supposed to have been doing! :joy:

Good thing I don’t even attempt to keep lists for every day. Well, at least 2 of those things have been going according to plan, so perhaps I should be glad about that. I’ve reached the Paradise levels! :partying_face: And since that post I’ve gotten rid of at least 65 leeches. Not too shabby. :triumph:

(I can’t say I’ve done much about the rest…Well I DID borrow a book on grammar, but never got into it unfortunately. I’m gonna try article size bits about grammar instead. The same for reading. I’ve started a book by Edogawa Ranpo, but I think I should just switch to shorter essays/short-novels or something. Something that keeps me from getting overwhelmed by the task. When I have built up a bit of confidence, I can get back to trying books.)

While I have a total number of leeches that I keep track off, the fluctuations in that number shows some leeches are rather short-lived. Having gotten a bit of a feel for this (essentially how many temporary new leeches each level might cause me as I try to fight my old offenders) - this gives me a better way to frame my leech squashing attempts. I need to keep the number below a certain number as a goal. because even if I had 99 leeches 2 days ago, now they are 108. It changes from day to day. So I need to establish a baseline that I keep under, and then push the total number down gradually.

So, lets give this a try:

~My revised Winter 2020/2021 study goals~

1. Get to Reality 現実! at the end of January 2021 :earth_asia:
2. Keep the leech count <100 :weight_lifting_woman:
3. DO GRAMMAR! No more excuses! :notebook_with_decorative_cover: >_>
4. Read more! Get a routine for daily reading (better a little than nothing) :books:
5. Try more advanced listening exercises :headphones:

I think this will have to do. In the end it’s a matter of how much energy I have to devote to this. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep things up. But, if possible, I should slow down somewhat to focus more on reading and grammar.

At least, Paradise doesn’t seem very different from the levels that came before, so that’s a relief at least! :relieved: I just have to keep doing my reviews at my own pace.

Which reminds me: it’s time to do some of them! ^>^



You got this!! :+1: :muscle: :triumph:


Go for it! I root for you. I don’t have a flashy gif so I give you a purple heart instead. :purple_heart:


Thanks @Sproingle! @prouleau It’s feels super nice to be cheered on! :blush: I’ll try my best! ^>^ Good luck to the both of you as well!


Add user synonyms :wink:


At first I really didn’t wanna abuse this too much, but yeah, I’ve been adding more and more. I’ve even added Swedish synonyms if I feel like I can connect better to the concept. It’s just hard to remember using some English word I rarely use.

Then of course, there are the cases when you gotta learn a kanji meaning exactly the same thing as a previous one…>_> (why Japan are you doing this! T_T there are way too many of those…). It’s not clear if synonyms helps or not in those cases! :tired_face:

薦める【すすめる】(v1) to recommend, to advise, to encourage, to offer (wine), §

勧める【すすめる】(v1) to recommend, to advise, to encourage, to offer (wine), §


がんばって ください ekg san :slight_smile:

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I’m suspect on these translations…

Here’s my understanding:

勧める means to encourage someone to do something. “I recommend eating out for lunch.” “I recommend watching a movie.” “I recommend reading a book.” “I recommend hiring another worker.”

薦める means to encourage someone by suggesting a person or thing that is appropriate for their needs. “I recommend this menu item (for lunch). I recommend this movie (to watch). I recommend this author (to read). I recommend this job candidate (to hire).”

勧める = recommend an action

薦める = recommend a thing

But I could be missing some nuance or details or be a bit off, so always consult a Japanese dictionary for maximum results.


Thanks! I was a bit lazy there, by using the inbuilt dictionary of a japanese writing program I use. So, it wouldn’t be too surprising if it was a bit lacking. :slight_smile:

The hard part for me, being self-taught, is that when I listen to audio I don’t notice differences like this (it’s all just すすめる :sweat_smile: ). This would be one of the times I have to take a step back and try to reconfigure what I know, to better match the different kanji available according to their different uses.