*ekg's leech battle blog - a study log of sorts

I figured I might as well try to post some normal study log stuff on here now that I have a “blob” of my own (not just in the 勉強しましょう Let’s learn together - thread which I only infrequently post in https://community.wanikani.com/t/勉強しましょう-let’s-learn-together/31441?u=ekg )

Since, I’ve updated my study goals for this autumn/winter, I’m gonna re-post them here, then get into leechier things…

~My Autumn/Winter 2020 study goals~

  1. Get those Leeches! :angry: (and do my study log) :pen:
  2. Get back on track with grammar! :notebook_with_decorative_cover:
  3. Get back to reading manga or start 1 game in Japanese :books: :video_game:
  4. Continue to listen daily to Japanese audio media :headphones:
  5. Get to 天国 Heaven by the end of 2020! :innocent:

I think those are all doable things and without too much detail on there for me to get hung up about it when getting them done (I’m free to choose my methods). Grammar is still gonna be my least favorite thing on there, but it has to be done at some point or the other. >_>

Back to the leeches! So, I’ve done some normal SRS-reviews by now since my intensive training yesterday, and I’m happy to say that I do feel a difference! :partying_face:
(I’ve only failed 1 or 2 of them and basically all of my reviews included leech items.)

It’s not clear what the long-term results of this will be, but at least, short-term I do feel more confident now when typing in the answers to these specific leeches.

I’m even gonna go over them one more time today, as an overkill measure, since I do wanna get those long-term results! :triumph: 頑張るぞ!


That went even better than I thought! :flushed:

2 typos and 1 misread of 法規 (ほうき)

I’m gonna claim this a success! :tada: as in a “Turtles are safe for now” -kind of way. :turtle:


Oh those poor poor leeches. :frowning: How are they going to make a livelihood now?


Well, they might try leeching on someone else! :wink:


It’s been nearly a week since my last post, but only 11 days since I started my attempt to “get those darn leeches!”. Time for a status report!

I have decreased the number of leeches…a tiny, tiny bit. Right now I have 157 leeches. :pensive:

Taking a closer look though, show that many of the previous leeches are no longer there, or have shrunk in prominence (=correct answers streak is ongoing). But, even if I don’t struggle with stubborn 頑 anymore …I seem to have a backlog of leeches in Master and Enlightened coming back in a drip-drip fashion. They grow like leaves on a tree or like…leeches! :disappointed:

Clearly. I have a long fight ahead of me. And I don’t intend to stop leveling either, so basically I must get rid of more leeches than new ones are appearing. >_>

It’s a war of attrition I don’t plan on loosing! :triumph:



After feeling a bit down yesterday about my leech situation not really having changed much, I did some leech training before going to bed.

I had 78 leeches in the Leech Trainer, which are my main concern, and roughly corresponds to having a leech value of 2 in the Item Inspector.

Today, I’m gonna do the Self-Study Quiz for the full amount of leeches (using the 1,01 value in the Item Inspector)…which has miraculously gone down from the last post to now! I did some more reviews that evening plus some this morning, and now the leech count is actually 143! :partying_face:

So, something is indeed happening, but I guess it is to be expected that it’s not gonna happen overnight, as I still failed some of my old leeches ;;>_> + getting some new ones, and because I have to wait for the SRS to let me review the leeches before something changes.

Still, I feel much better today with 143 being the lowest number so far since I started this. I just have to keep chipping away at them! :triumph:



As lovely and interesting as they are (esp. the last one :deciduous_tree: :green_heart:), do the blobs actually help you study? I would feel overwhemed with all that visual input!

Good to read that you are starting to feel the benefits from the extra work you’ve been putting in over the last couple of weeks. 頑張ってね!


They do, but they are also just one part of how I’m attacking these leeches. @prouleau 's Item Inspector is very useful for doing much of the same thing, i.e. staring and internally repeating the meanings/readings for these leeches.

I don’t think of it as overwhelming for some reason. :thinking: I just realize, these are the one I struggle with and accept it. Rather, I like looking for the worst ones and realizing they aren’t around anymore in a newer cloud! ^>^

Not to mention, let’s face it, no one really wants the full extensive list to read anyways (143 is still a large number of items :sweat_smile: ). It just makes more sense to post it like this and perhaps talk about some of the more prominent items I’m struggling with (while also leaving all the info out there)! :woman_shrugging: