*ekg's leech battle blog - a study log of sorts

So, the day has finally arrived: the last day of my yearly subscription. :cry:

I thought I’d make a summary post of where I’m at right now.

I never got under 80 leeches. Ouch! In fact, right now I’m at 124 leeches. Ouch! :persevere:

Even so, I’m not too disappointed about where I got in around 1,5 year:

The steady trickle of newly added items didn’t allow me to ever get 0 in apprentice. But, at least, most of my items are in guru 2 or higher. And I burned items up to level 54 where I’m ending things.

There will never be a perfect place to stop, so I might as well let this be my end station. :busstop:

And, it’s not like I’m stopping my learning journey of Japanese. In fact, I’m keeping quite busy with book clubs and immersion projects instead :grin: So, next up for this blog will be posts about my current learning focus!


we have a dog so I’m careful when posting pics with his tags…but you may have inadvertently posted your address/phone :wink: just a heads up


Next up: *ekg’s leech growth blog - an Anki log of sorts


Not my cat, so don’t worry…or do worry, about whoever posted this pic on the internet. ^^;



Though, seriously, I guess I should start using Anki. About time! ^^; I do need some sort of system to learn new kanji on my own, and what I did before Wanikani was much too slow. So, yeah, formalizing it a bit to get some repetition of words.

I guess I’ll search the forum threads for how to get started with Anki. ^>^


Thank you for you time here, you were inspiring.


No thank you for reading! :blush: I’m glad if some people somehow got a bit help on their way. ^>^

Though, I’m not going away anytime soon. Right now, I can be found in

and https://community.wanikani.com/t/囀る鳥は羽ばたかない-saezuru-tori-wa-habatakanai-chapter-2-discussion-thread-starting-26th-july/52689


While I was okay with stopping using WK with the end of last month - WaniKani was not finished with me it turns out! :joy: Due to a bug, I got automatically resubbed. o_O

After some mail correspondence with the Wanikani team, they’re working things out, but in the meantime, I’ve been continuing to burn turtles.

Which leads me to this milestone: 7000 burns! :fire::fire::fire: :partying_face:

It feels like I’m able to finish WK on a high note now! :grin:



Welcome back. You can’t leave us. “”“Bug”“”" or not.



If the Crabigator will allow it - this evening was the last time I did my reviews.

That ended me on 80% burned items :partying_face: which I really didn’t think I’d achieve. I’m very happy to leaving things at this point.

I’m sure I could burn more, but the cost of the sub simply isn’t worth it now that I’m doing loads of immersion learning and wanna focus on that.

I’ll be back with updates about what I’m doing now for Japanese studies! ^>^


I give up! The Crabigator does not want let me go! :crabigator:

I was told my sub ended yesterday at 18.00, but, here I am still reviewing and worshipping the Crabigator! :crabigator: :joy:

So, for the time being, here’s a kanji cloud of all my leeches, all 148 of them! Ouch! How did I let this happen?..>_>

I’ve put all my energy into immersion as of late, so precious little leech training. I guess, I should use my extra time doing some serious leech training today. sigh I would like to be able to learn as many of these items as possible, though I know it’s a struggle for me.

It’s probably best to do at least 2 sessions of all items, so that I really have tried my best at memorizing them. If that doesn’t work, there is little I can do but just try to learn them when encountering them in the wild later on. But, I should at least try a bit harder than I’ve done as of late.

Time to work on my leeches! :weight_lifting_woman: :cat2:



I forgot to post here about that fateful day when the Crabigator finally allowed me off the hook. The result is a rather stark contrast to the busy Dashboard I’ve gotten used to.


While my time using WK is now officially over, I’ve taken the leap to using Anki. I’m setting up a work-flow for how to put items I encounter in the wild into decks for further review. ^^

I’m also thinking of bringing back KameSame to my daily routine.

In any case, my Japanese journey is far from over! ^>^ :train:


This is a good test for item inspector. It lets me know that Item Inspector doesn’t show items disallowed by the subscription. This is as it is supposed to work to comply with the API terms of services. I couldn’t test this before because I have a subscription.


Glad to be of help! :grin:


I just realized I haven’t really been updating my study blog at all! ^^;

So what’s going on for my studies?

I’m mostly juggling manga- and anime clubs here on WK at the moment, but I’ve also made my way over to https://www.kanshudo.com and done some quizzes and grammar practice games. I’m back to listening to Drama CDs regularly again, so I’m defo getting my fill of listening practice. But, reading has been a bit lacking tbh. I already feel like I’m getting a bit rusty and need something more challenging.

That’s why I’ve set out to challenge myself a bit this month: FLESH & BLOOD. I’ve listened to the Drama CD adaption of this series, but never read the light novel original story. It’s not manga and so it’s a new challenge for me. :triumph:


Lo and behold, I’ve restarted my WK sub! :tada::tada::tada:

And now, a couple of hours later:

I switched computers during my time away from WK and realized I didn’t have any scripts running. :sweat_smile:

The reason for getting back to WK is that I’ve felt myself slipping more and more in my reading. For example struggling to read kanji I know I knew a year ago. And since I liked doing reviews before, I figured I should just try WK for a month and if it’s still fun, I’ll make that a year. Or I’ll keep adding a couple of months to my sub.

At first I thought I might reset some levels, but now I think I’ll just do my reviews normally. if my first review session was any indication, I’ll fail most items in Enlightened since it’s been roughly a year since I got them there.

Sad first review session :rofl:

But, that’s fine. With the Extra Study Mode, allowing me to study recently failed items, I can do some cramming of any failed items (rather than waiting around for the next chance to review them). This way, it allows me to avoid trying to re-study all items or something insane like that.

It should give me a manageable amount of studying each day. ^>^


Congratulations! :tada:
May the Great Cat of purrseverance help you on your studying journey! :cat2:



For your information, Item Inspector has a failed last review table that will let you study items you have failed the last review. By default it will let you cram any item you have failed in the last 24 hours but this is customizable.


I’m defo checking out this feature! :eyes: Thanks for letting me know! <3 :cat2:


I finally got around to making another kanji cloud of my leeches. And let’s just be honest, it ain’t a pretty picture: I have an astounding 375 leeches right now. :dizzy_face:


And to be fair, of the 700-ish items in Enlightened, I expect all of them to fall back down to Apprentice.

Those are the harsh realities of taking a year-long break before continuing with burning items.

While I considered cramming the burnt items, I think it’s plenty to take on the burn reviews = lesson reviews as I now think of them as I try to re-learn items on the go. ^^;

Wish me luck! I have 20 burn/lesson reviews right now. :sweat_smile: