Effective way of learning the grammar

Does Bunpro proves itself to be effective in learning grammar constructions? Cause I’m planning to partner it up with Wanikani(in studying kanji)

The only effective way to learn grammar is to see it a lot.
I would recommend using Bunpro or whatever to become familiar with what the constructs are and then using something like this to just listen to some Japanese.
It doesn’t actually matter if you understand anything or not, you just need to hear the sentence constructs in use to become familiar with them.
In time you will start to pick up “~~ ga ~~ desu” or “~~ yori ~~ ga ii desu” even if you don’t understand anything else.

Lots and lots of translated anime or drama too can help, if you hear a construct enough with its translation, you start to pick it up.
This is how I initially picked up my grammar.


Thanks kyle that really cleared things up for me too

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