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I have here something I made out of pure fun and enjoyment. Before you comment, do note that this is not meant for studying but as a way to get more Kanji in your life. I make no claims as to this helping your studying, and I don’t mean that as a disclaimer. This is just for fun! You will most likely skim over the kanji as you get into a book. I use the dictionary option of my e-reader constantly and I compare that to the kanji additions. There for lookups and convenience :P.

何’What, so they control 全てall the smells of the different shops?’ 

‘Don’t be daft.’ Kate 点数pointed to the grilles set into the floor at 夕べeven 間intervals. They pump it out of there.’ She nodded upwards. ‘More 右right 上up in the dome, too, I bet. 全てAll computerised. They’re moving towards 有having the whole 物thing switched to 一one 央central system in a 少few 年years. 

Imagine that. This whole 人工artificial 市city 走run by 一one microchip.’ She shook her 頭head in awe. ‘It’s just brilliant.’ 
‘How do お前you 知know so much about this place?’ Lisa asked. 

‘Remember our free project 作業work for Cultural?’ said Kate. 最’Most 人々people chose boring film 星stars and bands and stuff. Me, I did Hyperville.’ 

Inject Kanji characters before all of your words in your ebook!

It’s fun and easy! Read a lot and want to have more Kanji in your life? Perhaps you simply want a quick lookup similar to the dictionary function on e-readers. Maybe you just want to edit my code (its only one line) to REPLACE each word with a Kanji. 

I did decide to keep the english words for a few reasons: Some Kanji don’t translate properly, and the form of the word becomes lost if you have no context clues, as well as the conjugation of the english form is also lost without the english word. However this is a good thing [leaving the english word] as you will primarily skim over the kanji and read just the english and the Kanji will kick-back and be there for reference. I want to get into reading Japanese texts more but am not prepared to survive a full page of text :P. I use this to help with my recall.

Perhaps you want to take this in another direction? This is open source and free to redistribute for free.

How to use

There are a few files in the zip folder:
- wannaKanji.py = open-source code
- wannaKanji.pyc = the compiled version of the source (if you dont want to install NLTK from http://www.nltk.org/install.html )
- lvl 1-xx.zip = extract to receive a dictionary file for your level
advanced - individual level files.zip = for advanced users who want to make their own files

Unzip lvl 1-10.zipor the zip that contains the levels you want to convert your ebook to. On level 44? You can choose to unzip lvl 1-40.zipor lvl 1-50.zip. However only unzip one. Upon running the wannaKanji program, select option 2 on first run. You need to have the program compile a list of root words from your source dictionary file in which you extracted. After which, you will notice a new file kanji-root.txtbe created. Now you can choose option 1 and convert your ebook.

What e-book format does it support?

This is a good question. The program is coded to ignore markup in the ebook files. However it can crash on some obscure illegal characters. So… ePub, html, and txt are supported, but txt is really the only surefire bet. Check out Calibre for your ebook converting needs! 


Can be found here: http://bit.ly/1QvfTL9

Thanks for checking it out! Feel free to drop a comment!