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Hey everybody. So I just purchased the ebook for the beginners reading club and am having trouble downloading it. I know that it’s saying something about my device, but my knowledge of Japanese is not advanced enough to glean anything else about what this screen is telling me :joy:

Any help is appreciated!

I did not use ebook Japan before, but the note says that the download failed. Did you try to download the book again? Maybe there was something wrong with the connection during the download. Also, there is something written which sounds like the device you are using is not properly registered. Not sure about that, though.

I made an attempt. Any errors are my own. Apologies in advance.

Device Registration Error

In the below bookcase, due to the network cutting off, the download has failed.

Device registration is incorrect. Please delete any unneeded devices and try registering again.

Bottom: On top of verifying the connection status of your network, after you’ve performed 同期 (same period?) within Settings, please try downloading again.

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Update: didnt have a device selected to download to it seems. Found this out by messing around in the settings lol. Thanks for the help everyone!


Sorry, just want to say that I love your avatar @ibejammin !
Baldassare Castiglione rocks!!

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heck yeah! love raphael so much! one of my favorite paintings from him.

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it is also worth pointing out that they’ve been bought out by yahoo…
so i think you need to download the yahoo ebookjapan app at least soonish, if not already.
i haven’t checked in a little while but it’s not currently available in the australian app store :frowning:
so i’m not sure what i’m going to do

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