Eating something for a meal

How would I say that I’m eating something for a meal (like for breakfast, lunch, dinner)?

Example: I am eating sushi for lunch.

My best guess is using the に particle after the meal, but I can’t find anything on the actual grammar of it.


Your best guess is correct!

朝ご飯/昼ご飯/晩ご飯など (何とか) を食べます。

There are some cases where は would also work, but in general に is safe.

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Thank you so much!

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Usually fixed by logging out and back in again, I believe.

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Oh wow I didn’t even notice. I’ve logged out and back in twice now and it doesn’t seem to be helping.

Hmmmmm, definitely seen it happen a few times before now, but my search skills are letting me down (plus the forum’s search function is pretty poor).

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He has one, but it doesn’t show up on the forums

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This is very strange…

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