Easy to understand j-bands?

So I listen to a lot of jpop…
yall jpop listeners probably understand how much other people hate listening to your music right like i’m not the only one
anyways I was wondering if anyone has some good bands that you think are easier to understand the japanese in/their pronunciation is really clear? I personally think frederic and gesu no kiwami otome are pretty good and easy to understand.

Also I’m just curious but is anyone here actually able to listen to and understand vocaloid without subtitles like I feel like I wouldn’t be able to if I was native japanese lol


I have a couple to recommend that I feel aren’t too difficult to understand

  • One OK Rock
  • Official Hige Dandism
  • Natori
  • Kvi Baba

I’m with you on Vocaloid, absolutely no chance :sweat_smile:


Shishamo is pretty easy to understand. So is JYOCHO

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I feel like the easiest response might be Fujii Kaze for me? His lyrics are quite clear and therefore my go-to karaoke artist :sweat_smile: Like, the number of times I’ve had the lyrics for Matsuri stuck in my head despite having mostly poor listening skills should indicate something haha

Though “easy to understand” probably changes with the more Japanese you know in general, I find Ado and Utada Hikaru to have memorably understandable lyrics. Queen Bee also enunciates well and has killer music.


Superfly is great.

About the vocaloids though, I feel like there are few producers that make them easier to understand like Inabakumori and Pinochio-P


Anyone who doesn’t like Timely!! by Anri, or anything by Tatsuro Yamashita isn’t a good friend.

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Tbh, I don’t think musical lyrics are easy to understand in any language. :joy: Of course, I understand more in my native tongue, but even then, I might not catch all words or my mind might just drift and think more of the music.

It’s worth pointing out that lyrics is a very unique type of poetry, where the other half of the question why a line of text is as it is - is answered by the music. There are a lot of strange grammar and word choices.

I would not use it as a language teacher, just as something that’s fun to entertain yourself with - if you like the music. In time, I’ve found myself catching more and more of what’s sung, but I don’t ever make it an effort to completely understand a song. I just enjoy it as an experience. :slight_smile:



Thanks, now that song is going to be stuck in my stupid head all day long.


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Dude is the embodiment of someone who enjoys the smell of their own farts.

milet is also one of those.

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ackshually, most people like the smell of their own fartsh as humans use their sense of shmell to diagnose the statush of their gut health :point_up::nerd_face:

but also fujii kaze’s music is so catchy sometimes :sob::rofl:

I don’t know much about him personally, but it did make me laugh the way he was like hugging the flowers and everything in that video. lol

his music’s fine, I got nothing against that. Just I have a history with those types and so its a giant turn off when I see him do… literally anything lol

oh yeah I think I’ve listened to some official hige dandism before, I thought they were pretty good. Thanks for the reccomendations :slight_smile:

ok idk about pinochio-P like I don’t think the way they tuned miku is really better for understanding that some other people but I guess you’re right like I thought inabakumori had a human singer for so long :skull:

Ah, it could just be overexposure on my part then :sweat_smile:

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