Easier Mnemonics

What are some mnemonics that you all use for some of the more difficult ones? For me I absolutely could not get the kunyomi for 命, so I came up with:

What is life if you Eat No Cheese (いのち)? Nothing. Life wouldn’t be anything without eating cheese. You feel bad for people who eat no cheese (いのち), it’s as if they’ve never lived!

It felt a lot more memorable to me than anything in a religious and unrelatable (to me) context.


It’s a good one!


It’s certainly a concept that I have based my life around to this day.

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I usually use other Japanese words with overlapping readings, like the various flavors of おさめる.

It helps me more if the mnemonic is in Japanese, because I don’t like mixing languages like this and infusing Japanese words with meanings in English, because I feel that biases the way I understand the word in Japanese.

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