Early birds on the west coast

Seen at 10:39 am EST. What time is it on the west coast? Someone is working early at Tofugu.


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I think they have a more remotely distributed team than they used to (I’ve been told in the past that tagging arlo can get quicker results outside of the Portland office hours because they’re in a different time zone, for example), so it might not be too early for whoever it is :grin:


It would have been 7:39 am on the west coast

Also, I live in the west coast, and usually get up before 6am, but no one makes threads about me. :cry:


This late? I had on my mind it would have been earlier than this. I have no sense of time zones.

They will once you have a MegaZeroX chat widget on the dashboard!


Okay time to make a userscript…


The continental united states has only about 3 hours time difference across the whole thing. I know there’s a stereotype about developers working late and sleeping in, but some people do like to get up early.

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Durtles don’t need sleep


The East Coast guys are in kind of a bubble. :wink:

If you watch TV in the West, at least when I was younger, they’d always show something like, “Watch the premier tonight at 7pm/9pm Central.”

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