Durtle Art and WK Fanpics :crabigator: :durtjovahs_witness: :durtle_love: :durtle_hello: :durtle_tomato: :durtle_the_explorer: :durtle_officer: :durtle_cat:

Good old costumed durtle here…Marge Durtle!


I just want to say a bit thank you for everyone that participated in the Halloween Durtlethon!

We got some amazing, beautiful and scary durtles thanks to all of you! ^>^ :clap:



Made for @plantron: Durtdog! as a direct version of :durtle_cat:


:robot: DALL-E draws the Crabigator! :joy:


Btw, could I ask for another of your story-board animations? My idea was a musical battle between Freddie Durtcury and Bowie Durtle, but just do whatever really. But, I think you would make something fun in a concert setting?

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I’ll see if inspiration strikes, but I’ve been doing other stuff recently

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For sure you have more important things to do and get into that durtling, but if you do find yourself with a need for a distraction: how about your personal ideas for some wintery durtle fun? Snowball fights? Making igloo? Luciatåg? Making a snow-angel? Baking ginger bread cookies? Decorating a tree? Singing charols?

Take of of this as me just hitting you with ideas to ignore, that’s all they are.

It sure was fun seeing you bring to life the kabedon-durtle last time though! ^>^ <3<3<3

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