Dump of all the WK kanjis in PDF form

Hello everyone and a happy new year,

For writing practice I wanted to be able to print a list of WK kanjis per level, I’m sure that’s doable with existing extensions but I couldn’t be bothered to figure that out.

I generated two vesions, one with and one without serif (I also converted the onyomi to katakana):

I’m posting the python script, PDFs and markdown in case anybody else finds it useful:


The PDF formatting is not amazing, it’s just the markdown converted with pandoc without further tweaks but it’s sufficient for my needs.


I’ve added two other PDFs with all the vocabulary with readings and meaning:

I use it to practice remembering the kanji from the reading/meaning instead of the other way around since that’s what WK uses mostly.

I know that there already are 3rd party website who do specifically this but I find that it really helps me to actually draw the kanji to remember them, so having it all on paper is convenient for this, tree murdering notwithstanding.