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Well just starting

Updated: 2024-04-22


Back on track


Mine seems to be a little slower than most. I imagine most posting here are somewhat younger and have less other obligations in their life! I’m staying the course though. I’m trying not to spend too much time on Wanikani as opposed to other ways to learn Japanese, also.



Correct me if I’m wrong, but levelling speed doesn’t tell much about general progress, right? One may be skipping all vocab and focusing only on radicals/kanji, so it’s hard to compare charts here


Yeah. One may also already know most of the vocab because they understand the language verbally but don’t know kanji yet. Not everyone comes in with the same amount of knowledge, or for the same goals.

I’m doing all the vocab, but when I get to it it’s usually a thing of “Oh yeah, that.” rather than feeling like a learning moment. So I focus on kanji first, and then just do the vocab whenever because I can blast through it without thinking. There’s people faster than me, and that’s fine. Everyone has their own pace and there’s not much of a reason to guess the reasoning or intent behind it unless you want to learn their retention tricks.

We’re just noting our progress, not comparing how speedy we are compared to others. Sometimes you get lost in it and feel like you’re not making any progress and then it’s nice to see there’s others plodding along still.


First time to Level 12! Is that 十二級(じゅうにきゅう)


you know, I am actually kinda impressed. It takes a real dedication to have a level 1 that is almost half a year.

It’d be cool to see the charts of people learning vocabulary too. Here is mine so far. Level 4 is going to take me longer than my average, because there is a ton of vocabulary and I don’t prioritise radicals/kanji (for the moment).


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Oh? People don’t do them both together? My vocab is lagging behind a level because (I guess) I do prioritise kanji and radicals. I’ve got 44 vocabulary lessons from Level 11 still. I don’t actually pay attention to what SRS level things are at though. So I don’t know if I’ve “cleared” previous vocab levels.

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Some people focus on radicals and kanji, which in turns makes them level up faster, since levelling only depends on those two, and not vocab.

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This’ mine.

You can do both Kanji and Vocab, BUT keep in mind that you’ll need more time for doing your lessons and there is a higher chance to become overwhelmed in the process :face_holding_back_tears:


i’ve come to a point where this has become an addiction where i just crave new lessons, my mesocorticolimbic reward circuit is fucked up


I kinda felt like I was slowing down, but I guess I wasn’t all that much. I took a few days off last level and started reading light novels, but that’s about it. One month left before my main study goal, so if I can hit 30 before that I’m golden.


Here’s my first chart upload to celebrate clearing level 10! Hopefully I can post the one for level 20 in July.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think I could go anywhere near this fast if I wasn’t doing vocab. I wouldn’t have a chance of remembering most of the kanji without the vocab to reinforce them. But I also have the time each day to do that.


My level one took 524 days, lol. So the average is a bit off, but my median is 25 days. After level 45 it started increasing quite a bit, everything started looking the same at that point I think.


This had up until a month or so ago been a manageable pace. I’ve also been doing Bunpro (up through 75% of N3) and just finished their N5 vocab deck. I am also trying to work through a Visual Novel. All of this has started to become crushing and I’m beginning to back off a little because I think I’m risking some burnout. I have been running on motivation from progress but at some point that is bound to drop off a bit.


I felt so slow seeing a lot of people leveling up within a week. But I guess we had different paces as I feel a lot of burnout even if I progress slowly. I feel demotivated once my reviews pile up a lot so I always slow down on new lessons. That burnout hit me hard on level 9 lol good thing I got back up immediately. Wishing to reach level 60 in less than 2 years. I will also begin BunPro maybe this month.


I’m definitely taking my time doing this.


Sorry for the offtopic but do you play super smash bros? I know someone with the same nickname form there :sweat_smile:

Mine looks like this:

Seems within the average range for now, I guess. :slightly_smiling_face: