Dr Dru's lab 2022-06-22 update : check out my second pixel art illustrated story!

ah most browsers have a button to test in mobile form

This is chrome in the devtools menu. The second button in the middle is the one

It even allows you to throttle the performance to check if a website would lag


Wow, this is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been looking for! ありがとうございます

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Thats really cool great work!!

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So I finished all the parts you’ve put up so far, so for now this is the last batch of things I noticed.

These fall apart. A very simple way of solving this is by setting their positioning to absolute:

.ghost_small, .skeleton_small {
    position: absolute;

I won’t mention much from 25, because I see that it’s unfinished, but this one I mention:

Now, to align the chains properly, the simplest way is to reorganize the thing a bit and add a new css rule

New structure:
Basically have the spans inbetween the bats have 2 chains each, and I added a class called prison to the parent div.
Now the css:

.prison span {
    display: inline-flex;
    flex-direction: column;

Also, gogotz’s name is suddenly written with a small っ

In your 5th chapter, you regularly use these hands:
…Which is probably a mistake.

And finally, this is the first time 選ぶ appears imo, so it deserves a furigana

All in all, it was a very enjoyable read. In terms of vocab, just had 旗 come up in wanikani and I definitely knew the reading of it because I’ve seen it so regularly on here.

In terms of what I would like to see in the future. The grammar chapters were nice, it would be great if there were more that taught concepts in an organic way like those. Even stuff like casual grammar. I’m a firm believer in quantity over quality and moving away from the simplistic sentences gradually could probably truly improve someone’s understanding of the language.

It would be great if all kanji had furigana, but maybe on later stages only when hovering over them or clicking on them, though I understand that adding these is currently a very manual process. Maybe having an excel sheet with the copyable formatting, first page it appears, etc etc would speed this up. But it was often an issue that I came back later and I’ve totally forgotten the reading of a less common kanji.


:man_facepalming: ahah

Thank you so much for this feedback. It is the first time I get one this detailed since I started this project ! What you suggest is what I am planning to do. As you probably noticed introducing all the elements take such a long time. Especially when you take into account that you can’t repeat stuff too much at the risk of being very boring but that you have to repeat them enough for the reader to acquire them. The entirety of the content can be read in less than 5 hours so this is really just the begining of the journey and one day simple sentences will get more complex (hopefully!).

I think right now about 40% of the N5 is covered. I hope my motivation does not leave me and I continue to cover the whole of N4. From there one can start reading NHK news web easy. I remember the period when my studies consisted only in reading NHK easy as the most productive and interesting one and wish there was some similar material for inferior levels. I firmly believe that if enough graded readers were produced vocabulary acquisition would be a solved problem.

As for your comment about the furigana, I currently add them when I feel they should be added which is not a very rigourous way to do it. I’ll make sure do add more in the future. Especially for the less common ones.


This has not been proofread yet (next week. EDIT : it has now been proofread) but I’m too impatient not to share and in any case the Japanese should not be too bad.

I have written a story illustrated with Pixel art. It takes place in a Fantasy universe. The vocab/ grammar is N4. I think of it as a web comic book. It is all HTML and CSS. No images are used.

Here is the link : The Tile World Chronicles
I’d like to think of it as the coolest Graded reader ever written. I hope you enjoy it !

Thanks again @TheCodingFox for writing the tool allowing me to make the illustrations (check out their game https://community.wanikani.com/t/im-finally-able-to-show-the-video-game-ive-been-helping-create/55848 )

Here are a few screenshots.



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Ahah I was a good bargain ! I’m probaly going to add a 0 :wink:

The RPG inspired story shared above has now been proofread and should (in theory) be error free. It is about at the N4 level with some N3 words popping up here and there. I have done my best to avoid them but haven’t been able to remove them all.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do !



It’s such a lovely project, I’ll try to read as much as possible! I am a beginner, too, so I was looking around for stories I can manage to read with my limit vocab. Love the cat story already!


Hi everyone

I have just finished applying the corrections of my proofreader to my new illustrated story! It takes place in a fantasy world in which I bring some technological element. It should be comprehensible by someone at the N4 level with some more complicated words popping up now and then (but if you have an extension such as Yomichan installed it should not be a big issue).

I hope you enjoy it!


Below are screenshots of the first 2 pages (22 in total).


Looks great. Love the vibe of the artwork. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Not being an artist myself I buy videogames asset packs and use a tool developped a Wanikani community member to make pictures. That’s very easy and it feels great to be able to produce something visual despite having no skill.

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This looks really nice!

Will read it tonight :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: I’d be happy to know what yo think about it. I shared it on reddit and got a couple hundred upvotes but very few comments, non of them talking about the actual content of the story… That’s very frustating !

There is another one here if you’re interested.

I’m an avid reader of yours :joy: though last time, when I checked out this story when it was still half done, it was way above my level. Might try it again sometime in the near future to see.


Good to hear your feedback. I am kind of surprised because I see your comments in other thread and I remember seeing one that made me think you’re used to read higher intermediate content.

Finding the correct level of difficulty is a fine balance. Without a few advanced words the story becomes dull.

Hopefully in a few years time (a decade?) my set of beginner stories will catch up with these !

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Gotta remember, that was around half a year ago now, my reading ability got way better since, you know, I started reading :joy:

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If it was half a year ago you might have tried one story that I shared without it being proofread. So the reason you did not understand it was probably because it wasn’t really written in Japanese but in what I thought was Japanese by then… I have added a warning in front of the link and on the first page.

The last two should be comprehensible by someone who is about N4.

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oh this was actually the one I read, will take a look at the other one as well.

To be honest, I thought it was really good and the language and story was great for someone around N4, when I was around that level I was really craving short and simple things so I could read them without feeling exhausted, so this is really really nice. Sent it to my younger brother who is starting to learn Japanese as well.
Only thing I encountered was some strange formatting (using firefox) where the text at the bottom on longer pages was cut off and not visible.

Lovely work, thank you!