Down Time?

’Down Time"は日本語でとういいますか?

That’s not the main question at hand however. I’ve always wondered, what do most of y’all on WaniKani do when there is no more lessons to learn, and the review doesn’t happen for another hour? I’ve always wondered what is the best possible way to utilize my down-time as to maximize the amount of Japanese I am learning and retaining. My goal is to sound and speak like a native after all :sweat_smile:

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Read, watch, listen, etc. Use what you’re studying, have a goal, work towards it.



I’ll do my best!

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I’m winding down my time with WK (though I still get about 50-100 reviews a day), so I have a variety of other convenient ways to practice Japanese on the bus/in bed/wherever:

  • BunPro (grammar resource)
  • LingoDeer (grammar and vocab quick practice)
  • Duolingo (not the best, but I’ve been hacking through all the new content they released)
  • Pimsleur (listening/speaking drills)
  • JapanesePod101 (listening practice)
  • Various native language podcasts

I also try to watch movies/tv in Japanese when I can and have read a few manga. I should eventually also be doing actual conversations at meetups and other places, but since Japanese is just a side hobby for me that hasn’t been a major part of my study. Someday!


I silently stare at my dashboard with tears running down my face



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Ooooh, very interesting. Thank you for a list of resources!


Learning grammar before I can sound/speak like a native. I use BunPro. Maybe later when I feel my grammar learning is enough (probably when I’m N2 level), I may want to use iTalki, to really talk with Native Japanese online, but only if I can’t find a real native Japanese speaker around me.

Good luck on your down time.

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I do duolingo, Genki, or check out the forums. There are some cool book clubs on these forums which are really useful, and I’m really trying to get into them. However, I think I’m still not quite there yet but gotta start somewhere, right?

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If there’s nothing coming up on WK, I hop onto WKStats and try to guess the meaning and reading of any vocab or kanji which is coming up. The important part is to guess something whether or not you turn out to be wrong. Seems to make it stick a bit better. :slight_smile:

+1 for Bunpro, also for listening comprehension I’ve been listening to the audio CDs included with the excellent レベル別日本語多読ライブラリー readers, also the CDs with the 日本語単語Speed Master books, also the audio for the first of the Shadowing books… stuff from TheJapanShop… I should probably get around to Genki some day!

Do you know Dogen’s pitch accent and Japanese phonetics course?

Japanese Ammo with Misa covers a lot of conversational stuff by the by.


I am a Patreon after all! His videos are way too informative and his regular free content is too funny for me not to support him.

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I work on my other learning resources (kamesame, bunpro, katakana deck, FloFlo) and read (currently going through the webcomic 4koma “Hang In There, Kogasa-san…”, which i find to be pretty good “real-world-style dialogue”-type reading practice). and add interesting words i find while reading to FloFlo so i don’t forget them.

Mental break so I’m fresh for the next batch.


I read every message in every thread here. I’m only slightly exaggerating

But seriously, when I first started I also did a N5 vocabulary course on Memrise (but my recommendation is to stick to the free plan, the paid one wasn’t enough better). Once the N5 vocabulary was done I started BunPro.

Attempting to read NHK News Web Easy is a thing people recommend sometimes, but I found that too frustrating until I was farther along. Now it’s incredibly helpful.

Same with trying to listen to audio/video - I’m just now getting to where that’s even a difficult, but somewhat achievable, challenge.


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