Don't Understand This Translation

Hello! I was doing some of my lessons earlier today and I got to 一気 which is one breath/one go/one sitting, which makes sense I get that. However, I was looking at one of the example sentences and I for the life of me cannot figure out why it translates as it does.


It was such a relief to see my father, who looked well.

In this context what does 一気 actually mean? (My grammar is still fairly basic so maybe that might be part of my problem?)

Thanks for any feedback! :hugs:


一気に can mean “all at once” or a number of variations thereof, but also “immediately” and similar things.

So what this says is “When I saw [my?] dad’s healthy-looking face, I immediately relaxed.”


Wow! What a simple solution! Thanks for taking the time to explain!! :blush:


In this sentence too, another giveaway is the particle に. 一気に is an adverbial phrase, so it affects a verb. Can you do something “one breathly?” Or does it make more sense to do something “all at once” or “in one go?”

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Recommend Yumichan or the like. If you hover over the text you’ll get translations of words.

Just wanted to say WELCOME :slight_smile: as I see this is your first post!



Wow, I have been wondering the same! I’ve been translating this sentence back and forth… Had no clue and no connection to the translation that wanikani provided.
I mean I really love to learn with wanikani… But this just made no sense snd should be checked and changed.
Thanks for the one who provided this simple solution!

For a Japanese beginner sentences (ore moreover the strange translation) like this really keeps you questioning your intelligence and I thought… Man… I will never be able to understand Japanese if you have to think like this and twist meanings like he’ll.

But now… Big relief!!!