Don't Accept Old Answers for New Radicals

I’m trying to force myself to learn the new readings and mnemonics for the revised radicals but sometimes I think I’ve remembered the new reading and it was actually the old reading I put in there. The old reading is marked as correct and I have to wait till it comes around again and I make the same mistake again most of the time.

Is there a way to disable the old meanings from being accepted for the revised radicals? I can only find options allowing me to display both the old and new, but I’d rather just swap around to the new for everything and have the old readings marked as incorrect to force me to remember the new ones.


There is no way to do this right now, and this complaint has been raised multiple times. I recommend emailing them your concern (since they don’t always see messages on the forums). The more feedback they get the more likely they are to change it.


I figured that might be the case but couldn’t find anything by searching the forums here. Off to the feedback page I go!


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