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I was recently just thinking to myself how that in today’s economic climate, I am truly blessed to have a job and a source of income. Due to the Corona Virus, about 33 million Americans have filed for unemployment. I was wondering would it be worth it, to have a community-based donation pooling system, in which a user could donate 1-2$ (or more) into a fund, and have that fund be used for users who can’t afford Wani Kani. (Renewal, etc)

I’m not exactly sure of the logistics that it would take, and even asking $1-2 in this economic climate might be inappropriate, but it could be beneficial to some. Users who are struggling financially could make an application, or write an essay, or something and their name could be put in a lottery (monthly, bi monthly, whatever the timeline was decided to be) and every month (or bimonthly, etc) someone would be drawn.

You could even make it so users who can afford a subscription have the option to “donate an extra $1 or $2 every month to the pool” at checkout. Sort of like how cashiers sometimes ask “would you like to donate a $1 to cancer research”.

Some users might wonder “well what stops someone, who doesn’t need to help, from applying or lying about their financial situation.?” The only answer I have for that is, this community tends to be filled with honest people. There could be some sort of profiling that WaniKani could do to confirm, but honestly I don’t even think that would be necessary.

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Well, the idea itself is cool.
Whether or not it can be realized, however, I don’t know…
If it can be realized, however, and there would be people who would use WaniKani this way, they would need to be able to keep up with their reviews…

Suddenly all the people asking for codes have a way to get free WaniKani…

But the idea is cool. You can always gift subscriptions I think.

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