Doing some listening: need some help!

The phrase around 2:30?


Anyone know what デメリットっちゃデメリット is? Of course, I get demerit. But I’m wondering if this is a phrase, or has a different nuance to it.


Could she be saying デメリットとメリット? That’s at least a pretty common saying.

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Nah, I think it’s pretty clearly デメリットっちゃデメリット.

Basically it’s summarizing or concluding it. It’s similar to というと or といえば

Like… “Well, a drawback is a drawback.” Or “It’s definitely a drawback.”

This is a definition from といえば and it’s this meaning that is being used here, I would say.



Yeah, that makes more sense.

I can’t hear any ちゃ in there, doesn’t it sound more like デメリットったデメリット?

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It’s soft, sure, but った wouldn’t really make any sense. Whereas [something]っちゃ[something] is pretty common.

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Yeah, at first I thought it may be this; but, after another listen, I went with っちゃ.

Ah, I see! That fits well :slight_smile: Thank you

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