Doing lessons from next level while having vocabulary in apprentice form the previous one

Should I wait for all vocabulary and kanji to be guru before doing lessons from the following level? I guess the question is more from the learning perspective what would be best. So far I’m managing fine but I was surprised about the bunch of new lessons when jumping from level 3 to 4 and I still have vocab in apprentice.


That depends on how much you think you can manage and how many you are comfortable with. I personally usually have around 120 items at apprentice, but others prefer having less, like 50, for example.

This is quite an important thing to figure out, as you might burn out along the way if you don’t choose carefully. However, it is something you unfortunately have to figure out for yourself, since everyone is different in that aspect. I think 50 might be a good point to start at, and then you can try to slowly and carefully increase the number of apprentice items and see how many more apprentice items you can handle and also think you can handle over a longer period of time.

Of course, you don’t have to go to the absolute maximum of what you think you can handle, and I highly recommend that you don’t go to the absolute maximum. You can also just decide to go with whatever you feel most comfortable with. Since you have lifetime, it’s not a big deal as well if you go slower :wink:

This is just my point of view, but I think that this approach is not too bad :slight_smile:


You can if you want to but this is not needed. Some items are leeches and take forever to guru. You should not delay studying the nest level because of that. Most people move to studying the next level without guruing all previous level vocabulary. There is no hard rule about what is best. If your habit works for you then stick to it.


A common way of managing workload is to not do lessons if your number of apprentice items are over a certain threshold. You’re asking if that threshold should be zero, but I think the most common one I’ve seen is 100. Currently I’m doing 90 to go a bit easy on myself.


Thank you all! I think I’m going to use 100 as my threshold and see how I feel. Appreciate everyone’s input.