Doing 1100 Lessons Within A Week

Just updating this. It took a while and a lot of hours but I got through it!

It was 100% worth it. At the worst point, I had a pile of 1600 lessons because I was learning nothing but kanji (this was a period where I semi quit learning but still had a bit of motivation.) Then I took a 3 month break and when I came back I had 2000 reviews waiting for me. I got through them and took on the pile of lessons. The most I did in one day was 200 lessons, on average I would do 25-100 lessons a day over a scattered period of time, while also still trying to level up once a week. This left me with around 500-600 reviews a day that I had to do to keep up. This is what it looks like now:

I then started using Bunpro after I realised I could read, but didn’t have any comprehension of sentence structures and what was being said.

I would always read that going fast would mean I would forget a lot of things, but I found that that hasn’t been the case, maybe because of how much content I consume in Japanese.

I can now read a good portion of content I’m interested in and have only gained more motivation to keep going after seeing how all the time I spent paid off.

I plan on reaching level 60 as fast as possible and then continuing with bunpro and lessons on italki for conversation practice.