Does WK improve memory? 🦀 🦀

I used to have such a bad memory (particularly with things I’m not interested in).
Now I seem to remember unexpected things as if my brain changes to :crab:Wanikani mode​:crab: to register random things, anything that comes at it really, which is really surprising!
Maybe it’s the brain that gets the habits of creating insane jokes with sexy こういちs with anything and then eventually remembers it haha

Have you noticed anything too?

Long live the Crabigator,





But yeah, the point of SRS is to exercise the long-term memory, so I wouldn’t find it too surprising if it helped with memory storage and recall in general. I’m no brain surgeon, though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oops, thanks for correcting me :blush:

Yeah, that would make sense after all, and it would be nice and encouraging to continue learning such a difficult (but beautiful) language! my grandparents told me it was useless to learn this language but now I can prove them wrong haha

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Years ago, I would spent at least an hour a day split across two commutes “playing” the Nintendo DS title “Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!” (known in Europe as " Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain?").

During that time, I had a definite increase in the ability to remember things, and process complex things more quickly.

Eventually, I stopped spending time on it as I was putting more time into actual video games on the Nintendo DS, and it was fairly quickly that my memory and mental processing speed returned to their old, inefficient ways.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the same happened with any gains as a side-effect of SRSing going away if you stop for a long duration of time.

So, if you value your improved mental abilities, you’re stuck with the Crabigator and Koichi for life.


Any form of memorizing should improve your skill at doing so. But I’d say Wk is no particular exception. It just teaches you a valuable lesson on how to do it better. Mnemonics are like ancient knowledge, but for some reason they are heaviely overlooked.


See, if you abandon the religion of Crabigatorism, Ke will not help boost your speed and memory to learn the way of Kis Kanji

there’s an interesting book you should read on memory palaces called moonwalk with einstein! Or you can just give memory palaces a quick google.


I know this technique thanks to Jim Kwik’s YouTube videos, he knows a lot about how our brain works and retain things. But I really enjoyed it and it worked pretty well for me, so I might read the book you mentioned!
This theme is really interesting, do you use this technique with WK?? I never taught of combining the two.

I use memory palaces to separate my studies and skills. For instance, I have one for different languages, music, programming, muscle building, nutrition and so on. I think we already create them without realizing it so all I do is make sure to make one skill its own distinguishable unique memory within my palace. This helps me retain things like music theory, and song making even if I haven’t done it for months.

I have made similar experiencf I can remember things way better

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I remember playing this when I was a kid! It introduced me to sudoku and I still play if I ever see a puzzle in a magazine or a newspaper or a kids placemat at a restaurant :blush:

But yes, exercising your brain regularly helps memory power. WK encourages you to come and study at least once or twice a day and in doing so you’re keeping your mind active. Days where I’m ‘floating’ and unfocused are the days I remember least details about anything, but having something to focus on (whether it be Japanese or some other task I need to be mentally present for) I can remember quite vividly.

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