Does the coupon code still work?

I tried getting the subscription today with the widely known and used coupon code (not sure if I’m allowed to say it or not). It doesn’t work with monthly, yearly or lifetime and it does not work. Has it expired or something?

You might be better off emailing to ask.

Please check the spelling. IIRC it’s all uppercase.

Oh ok. I’ll just email that then. Thank you.

I tried all uppercase, all lowercase and the words stuck together but nothing worked :[

I also tried using it earlier today and it wouldn’t work but my friend manage to use it yesterday.

dunno says mines good for lifetime…?

Well I got an email back saying that the coupon still indeed works, but you need a TextFugu Forever account in order for it to work, which I do not have.

Seeing as that’s the only way you’re supposed to be able to get it, they have no reason to help you use it.



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