Does the combination kana fya/fyu/fyo exist?

At first glance I’d be inclined to say no, fya, fyu, and fyo cannot exist as there is no fi kana with which to make it. However, in katakana, fi can be produced with フィ. In theory, could this be combined with ャ/ュ/ョ to create フィャ/フィュ/フィョ?

No, they do not. It’s ひゃ and so forth.

In theory, I guess you could do it like that for loanwords, but I honestly could not think of any loanword that’d be used for.

And fa is ファ?

And ‘funeral’, if you wanted it in katakana, would probably be フィュナラル

ファ, フィ, フ, フェ, フォ

Ok, found it - it’s just フャ, フュ, フョ. For example: ニック・フューリー.

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Cool, thanks for clearing that up!

There’s a section on extended katakana usage here:


There were some old sound combinations that aren’t used anymore in modern Japanese. I can’t remember if those were included in those, though.

Oh wow, I’ve been learning Japanese for over 5 years and I learned something new today. Man what an awesome feeling!


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