Does Kaniwani affect Wanikani?

Or is it another study tool?

i guess kaniwani (or kamesame) will “interfere” with wanikani’s SRS but it will also give you more exposure to the language and reinforce what you learn from a different perspective.

the biggest effect though is probably being quickly overwhelmed with the amount of reviews over multiple platforms - while hopefully studying grammar and reading a lot on the side? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: wanikani on its own requires already enough effort and i wouldn’t hastily add more work to it (rather do grammar, reading and listening at some point). personally i liked doing kamesame only for burned items.


Kaniwani (and Kamesame) are both separate study tools.

They use your Wanikani API key, so your Wanikani progress can “affect” the others (mostly in setup), but it doesn’t go the reverse direction.


ah, i might’ve misunderstood the question :laughing: didn’t even think about that.


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