Does everyone here use user scripts?

I used to use scripts for the first 3 years I was on here, but after I reset back to level 3 I got rid of them all. Now I don’t use any. I kept experiencing problems with WaniKani when I had them installed and it’s all running smoothly again now without any so I’ll just carry on like this. I’m not here to race and try and level up as quickly as possible, I just do WaniKani as and when I can, so I don’t feel like they’re necessary.

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When I started WK I set additional challenges to myself:

  1. Never use any user script.
  2. Never add any user alias, just force myself to remember whatever WK wants me to remember.
  3. Never review WK items outside of scheduled reviews.

So far I have not regretted these commitments. I was traveling during levels 9, 10 and 18 and was not able to review every day, that is the reason they took longer.


I’ll always be perplexed and fascinated by the desire to “hard mode” Wanikani. I wonder if it’s a side-effect of the general “gamification” approach WK takes? Maybe it triggers a desire to beat it in the same way someone might try to beat a game without using health potions?

Insofar as setting that kind of challenge is motivating to someone, it’s not even necessarily a bad thing. But I wonder how many people end up dropping out along the way (I guess by definition they won’t be on the forums to say) over quirks of the system that they didn’t actually need to slog through, due to eschewing totally benign but very helpful quality-of-life enhancements.


I don’t use scripts not out of pride, but the fact I’m not interested in spending the time finding them, shoving them in, then finding which ones actually work on an old IPhone anyway.

(Is that all? Who knows. I’m here to learn Kanji, not find out.)

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Well, that’s easy. As far as I’m aware, that would be none. Regardless of iPhone age.

But cell phones have the apps, the creators of which usually put in things that function the same as userscripts here do.

I actually use AlliCrab. Makes it quicker to tap straight to reviews than using my browser. I have no idea how I would turn on any script features though.

(And the app has been janking up for a few days now anyway. So I’ll see how long that lasts)

I believe that was due to API issues, so it should theoretically be fixed now.

Nope I don’t use them. Never have.

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I’m hesitant to download chrome for Mac :sweat_smile: I’ve read that it takes up a lot of RAM. I found out Tampermonkey is also available on Safari so I might install it if I feel like I need it :smiley:

Idk if Chrome for Mac takes up a lot of RAM but from my experience Chrome indeed drains my 2017 MBP with TouchBar battery faster. Besides, Autocompletion doesn’t work on Chrome. So I stick to Safari to do WK (I can’t live without autocomplete). The thing was my MBP just hung. That’s the first time my Mac hung. I ran WaniKani on all browsers I opened = Safari, Chrome and Opera complete with about 18 user scripts on each browser. Your post made me share this, hence I replied to your post. Right now, I’m WaniKani’ing on Safari only. I’m not sure if running top on my Terminal is a way to know all my browsers take up a lot of RAM though. I don’t feel like testing my Mac until it hangs again.

Have you tried WK Auto Commit User Script? :smiling_imp: Let’s see if you’re happy with no need to press enter.

I wasn’t.

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WK is the first site I’ve ever used that actively encourages you to use user scripts. While most of them are cosmetic, some of them add really useful functionality. As a software dev I find this fascinating - as long as you build a fairly decent API and a front-end that allows for easy customization, you don’t have to build any new features (your users will do it for you!). And as far as I’m aware WK hasn’t (they just seem to patch the data behind the APIs).

I personally love user scripts, and really appreciate the time and effort spent by people like @rfindley. You rock!

For those who think it’s ‘too technical’ it’s really as simple as installing Tampermonkey (you might not have installed a browser app before, but it’s just like installing a phone app), finding the scripts you like from the forum, and installing them (click a link, then a button). You don’t have to understand the code (although the best thing is that the scripts are open source and anyone can look at the code and fix bugs).


I’ve been looking for an extension that does just this, so thank you :slight_smile:

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It’s the Bethesda philosophy of design :stuck_out_tongue:

Following up to say that the script increased the number of items I hit in 20 minutes by about 20. However, I saw this when I finished my review . . .

I’ve never seen that before and I’m a little bit frightened tbh.


Not a single one.

Even if I wind up losing items to typos, it just means more reviews (better learning), and that I probably didn’t have it down well enough to have that automatic muscle-memory for its reading. There are sometimes regrets where I wish I had an “ignore” button, but not enough.

At worst, I lose a day for a level here and there to a typo. That’s really nothing, long-term.

That said, outside of mistake-forgiveness, it’s not a hard line in the sand. I should and probably will add Jitai, for example.

It’s been a longtime I haven’t seen that “Quite the explorer, aren’t you?” message :sweat_smile:

I only used this script once then I uninstalled it because it’s just not for me. I had shared it here why. It’s good to know if this script made by @johmik makes other people happy though.

I only use scripts that I wrote myself…

It’s not a case of “not invented here” but more that I just didn’t find what I was really looking for in others’ scripts.

For me the “raw” version of WK is like a trial version
You know, like some sites that have free basic version and you need to pay if you want to use full functional
But in WK, you just need to pay for this basic version, and all other neccesary features you can get for free


yeah, i guess in my mind, even in boiling vegetables, you are still boiling water (or a broth stock that is still mostly water) in order to add vegetables into. At least that’s how I approach it for the concept.

Sure, he was just pointing out that you can’t use 沸かす to talk about cooking something.

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