Does anyone use StickyStudy?


Hello. I installed (paid for) the StickyStudy app in my iPhone a long time ago but I found it too complicated (confusing) to use and forgot about it.

Now I have rediscovered it and I am going to use it as a complement to Wanikani - the fact that you can create new decks with the kanji you want makes it possible to group kanji in different decks according to the Wanikani levels.

An advantage is that for each kanji a list of  similar kanjis (and their pronunciations and meanings) are shown at the end of the page side by side with the one you are studying so you can learn to differentiate them (for instance, the kanji for arrow 矢 and for fault 失). And you can access all the kanji in the examples straight away, look up the dictionary definition, etc. indefinitely.

Does anyone here use it too? What is your experience? Any advise?


I use it. I think it’s a useful intermediary when I’m waiting for WaniKani time while I’m on the bus or something. 

prawn said... I use it. I think it's a useful intermediary when I'm waiting for WaniKani time while I'm on the bus or something. 
 Thank you.

I am starting to love it.